Wednesday, September 18, 2013

2003 Fleer Genuine

One of the best parts, I think, of a repack box is finding those packs you ripped very few of, or none at all. Even better? A pack you have never even heard of. Maybe I am the only one that never heard of this set.

Pretty much a set designed for finding relics. The back of the pack has the set at only 100 base cards, with another 30 as serialed prospect cards. Hoping to pull an auto or game used? Well, contrary to it's name, good luck with that. Practically everything that fits that description is numbered 250 or lower. There are only two items that have per pack ratios - 1:225 or 1:566. Case hits at best for the "lowest" end hit of the set. And no - I didn't beat the odds. But let's look anyway.

Ahhh - the early 2000s. Dig the granite pattern in the colors. That's not foil behind Ivan - just a lot of silvered shimmer to the black and white image. Ivan, as well as that green bar in the middle and the bottom green has a gloss, while the rest of the card is matte finished.

Color swapping to match the team colors. May be a little too much "white" space on the front, though. Yeah, Edmonds really pops, but...I don't know. Just too much border I guess.

Was Dunn that skinny at one time? And he would actually hit the ball? Shocking....

The vest top didn't work for the Angels. It looked great for the Pirates. I thought the Sox one looked nice too. But Erstad can't save it, even with the high cuffs.

It seems if your body is extended, the white space isn't so bad. Brown fills up the card and it works better than Rodriguez's. And the backs?

If you has picked "recycled image and 5 years worth of stats", come forward and pick up your prize. Again, too much open space. Granted, you can clutter it too much. It appears the back matters based on the card front. The back of the Dunn card looks pretty decent and balanced.

Ok - if you need/want something, let me know.

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madding said...

Never seen this set in my life! I'd love the Edmonds card. I still owe you stuff.