Thursday, September 19, 2013

2013 Topps Football

In preparation for tonight's Thursday Night Football matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles, I thought I'd post a pack of this year's Topps football. Apparently no one else has done that. I never buy football cards, but I saw this at a local variety chain store and gave it a whirl. I don't collect football much, aside from Oregon Ducks players, so if there's anything in the post that any of you want, feel free to leave a comment.

45 - Andre Roberts - Looks like Topps has gone away from the baseball design. Sometimes they use it for their other sports and sometimes they don't. Instead, we have a nearly unreadable player name.

189 - Jonathan Stewart - Only two cards in and we have a Duck! This one goes into my Ducks stash.

342 - Ryan Kerrigan - Here's what the backs look like. Wait a second, is that... yes... that's a Twitter handle. I can't imagine Topps putting players' Twitter names on baseball cards, but maybe that's something they have in store for 2014. Yikes.

81 - Bruce Irvin - The back of Irvin's card proclaims him to have been the oldest rookie on one of the NFL's youngest teams. I guess that they meant the oldest Seahawks rookie, because at 25, Irvin was a lot younger than that Brandon Weeden guy.

254 - Mohamed Sanu

22 - Josh Freeman Mini - This mini (pretend the image is small, okay?) is based on the 1959 Topps design, according to my 30 seconds of research.

LM-TP - Troy Polamalu Legends in the Making - For some reason, I flipped right past this card and assumed that Polamalu had retired and this insert set was a tribute to retired players. I should probably pay better attention. Polamalu is only 32, so he might be around a little bit longer.

35 - Luke Joeckel - I'm not fond of NFL rookie cards (you'll see why in a minute), though at least this guy has his helmet on. And, wow, those Jaguars helmets... not a fan.

414 - Lane Johnson - This is what I don't like. And there are far worse. I want to see players when they are playing their game, not this.

184 - Desmond Trufant - Yeah, I don't even... oh, how many Trufants are there, anyway?

404 - Bjoern Werner - Hey, Werner looks like he's ready to play. He even might have some shoulder pads in. The pack wrapper promised a rookie card in every pack, and I ended up with 4.

316 - Tim Tebow - Seriously?


The Big Kahuna said...

You have been blessed with the presence of a Tim Tebow card. Be fruitful and multiply way too much! Too bad you did not pull the JJ watt crotch shot card.

The Junior Junkie said...

I love that '59 design. I have a Y.A. Tittle card from that set and it's one of my absolute favorite football cards.

Todd Uncommon said...

I agree with you about the rookie combine cards. I understand the combine is basically part slave-action, part meat market, but it's too much to then decide to add these Ender's Game battlesuit uniform rejects that try to be flattering and futuristic, but failing at both.