Wednesday, September 25, 2013

50 Assorted Pittsburgh Pirates cards

In honor of Pittsburgh Pirates making the playoffs I give you 50 random Pirates cards pack. I bought this for $10 at shop across the street from PNC Park when I was in Pittsburgh. Took me a while to break open. I split this in year and make.

1981 Fleer - Jim Rooker

 1981 Topps - Ed Ott

1982 Donruss - Vance Law

1984 Topps - Rod Scurry, Lee Mazzilli, Johnny Ray (All Star)
1985 Topps - Jim Morrison

 1986 Topps - Sammy Khalifa, Jim Morrison

1987 Topps - Jim Leyland, Ceclio Guante, Bob Kipper, Mike Diaz - Leyland is the last manager took the team to the playoffs.

 1987 Donruss - Rafael Belliard, Jim Winn

1988 Topps - Mike Diaz, Barry Jones

 1988 Donruss - Al Pedrique, Mike LaValliere, Felix Fermin

1989 Topps - Brian Fisher

1989 Donruss - Gary Redus

1989 Fleer - Jeff King, Neal Heaton
1990 Upper Deck - Miguel Garcia - played total of 13 games with the team in 3 years.

1990 Score - Moises Alou, Billy Hatcher, Bill Landrum, Sid Bream - who remembers Alou time in Pittsburgh?

 1991 Topps - Bobby Bonilla (All-Star), Rafael Belliard

1991 Score - Neal Heaton, Jay Bell

 1991 Upper Deck - John Smiley - Team pitching ace at the time who made All-Star team in 91

1992 Upper Deck - Steve Buechele

1992 Upper Deck Minors - Ben Shelton - played 15 games with the team in 1993 and only time up in the majors

 1992 Topps - Bob Kipper

1997 Upper Deck Collector Choice - Jason Schmidt - spent 3 1/2 seasons with the team before getting traded to Giants where he had success

 1998 Upper Deck - Kevin Elster - had short-lived stint with the team

2001 Upper Deck SPX - Jason Kendall - team star player during Pirates dark era of late 1990-early 2000.

2001 Topps Stadium Club - Pat Meares - great photorgraphy shot

 2002 Leaf - Mike Williams - team closer with two All-Star selections including undeserved 2003 spot when he his ERA was around 4-5 heading to the game. I knew All-Star game wasn't a big deal anymore before game was played to a tie.

2002 Upper Deck SPX - Aramis Ramirez

 2003 Upper Deck - Bobby Hill - great collegiate career; fizzled out with Cubs organization; caught on with Pirates dark era where he fizzled out again and out of the majors into the independents.

2006 Bowman Heritage - Zach Duke

 2007 Fleer - Carlos Maldonado - played total of 21 games in two years with the team. Still playing.

2009 Topps - Zach Duke

2008 Upper Deck - Bill Mazeroski - all you need to know is 1960, World Series, game 7 vs Yankees, game-winning homerun

 2009 Topps Unique - Andrew McCutchen - McCutchen in Pirates throwback jersey. He's the face of Pirates team and main player ushering new era of the organization.

2010 Topps - Lastings Milledge

Nice trip to memory lane of past to present. Good luck to Pirates in the playoffs.

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JediJeff said...

Too back that McCutchen is a shot from the back. That's a nice throwback.