Saturday, October 24, 2015

2015 Topps Series 2 Retail


Hope everyone's ready for the weekend.  As I type this up, the World Series just got set.  The Cubs had a fun year, but their offense hit the brakes just in time for a hot Mets club.  I think the Royals have the better team, but my gut says the Mets won't stop and they take it in 6.

Here's a pack of Topps Series 2 retail!

Everyone's favorite Buddha posted a Jumbo pack a while back but not a retail one, so because the vendor at my Target has yet to put out the Update set yet here you all go:

#500 - David Ortiz
#474 - Alexi Amarista
#502 - Kevin Frandsen

I think I've finally figured out the scanner's habits so that I can now get the complete card in the scan.  I revel in the small victories!

Nope, still have some work to do with the scanner...
#518 - Rajai Davis
#508 - Collin McHugh
#HOR-15 - Matt Adams

Nice horizontal Davis shot.  I get the Heart of the Order subset (1 in 6 packs), but I'd rather see a lineup instead of, per Night Owl (I think), breadsticks.
#CHR_CBL - Charlie Blackmon

Woo!  Retail mojo!  The Career High Relics come 1 in 109 packs.  Pretty cool to get a striped patch too.

#399 - Josmil Pinto
#369 - Aaron Loup
#463 - Justin Verlander

That's the pack; 2 less cards due to the relic.  Here's some backs:
That's all for now.  More later.  Enjoy the weekend, and thanks for reading everybody!

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The Big Kahuna said...

The Big Kahuma says, "You gain wisdom child in picking the mets to win." Seriously I was hoping for an EPIC Blue Jays vs Mets world series but it did not happen and that made me terribly sad so now I must sacrifice 20 pack searchers into Mt. Pakserchersburninhell volcano. Seriously though.....the royals....ughhh.....makes me sick. Mets in 5.