Sunday, November 15, 2015

1990 Topps Baseball Stickers

Here's a pack of stickers that I found in a recent repack box. I love putting together sticker albums, but I'm still working on a 1990 Panini album. The Topps stuff is going to have to wait for now.

264 - Bo Jackson - This one starts off with a bang, with a full-sized Bo Jackson sticker.

58 - Nolan Ryan Superstar Back - For a few years, Topps got the bright idea of putting another player and design on the sticker backing, making these things a little confusing for player and team collectors.

36 - Ken Dayley / 226 - Greg Briley - Lesser players got the half-sticker treatment as usual.

16 - Von Hayes Superstar Back

266 - Bret Saberhagen - I wonder if there were any Saberhagen jerseys in the house when the Royals won the World Series this year.

38 - Steve Sax Superstar Back

83 - Rob Thompson / 251 Steve Buechele

9 - Tim Wallach Superstar Back - Tim Wallach, Superstar.

60 - Kirk Gibson / 201 Teddy Higuera - Two very good players of the era.

57 - Mickey Tettleton Superstar Back - I'm not sure I ever remember Tettleton being considered a superstar.

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