Monday, November 02, 2015

2014 Topps UFC Champions

I am on a mission - scan folder clear out. So you will be seeing me every other day for a while. I WILL GET THIS SUCKER CLEANED!

We've had a lot of hockey, so today we get UPC - 2014 Topps UFC Champions to be specific. I never got into boxing, and I will never get into UFC. If you enjoy it, then by all means please watch. My opinion is simply mine, and two people beating the snot out of each other is not interesting to me. But UFC is fiercely popular, so Topps has released a few sets for the sport.

When I looked this set up on Cardboard Connection, I had no idea MMA fighting has been around 20 years. Wow - that is a lot of ignoring by me. :) From what I read, this set focuses on those 20 years with the subject matter. I am going to trust CC because again, Jeff = clueless. Your standard set with relic and autographs possible. 200 card base set with parallels and a few insert sets.

The octagon ring plays into the design of the card. Action shots can be expected in the set, though you will see some non-action photos coming later in the post. It's kind of hard to see the look, so let me show you this picture I took.

You can see the person has a gloss on them, while the background is matte. We have seen this in other cards before, and it's kind of fun. Also, that glossing is used through the layout of the card, so there is no foil on the front. I am just going to post through the 10 cards and I don't have many comments, and I would probably be snarky anyway.

Here is one of the insert sets. I am not sure who  Royce Gracie is, but he is one of the sports greats and I will not take that from him.

Now I know what the layout looks like - Minority Report. The movie, not the series. Yes? Anyway, there's all the cards, and they do look nice. Some really great action shots seen, and you can feel the pain that is being dished out.

Very simple back with some biographical info about the fighter, his Twitter handle if you are so inclined to follow, and a paragraph about the person.

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