Sunday, November 01, 2015

2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs

I was really excited when I saw this set advertised.  I was a little worried when the release date kept getting moved back.  And I was also a little worried that this was only going to be available in $100 tin lunchbox boxes.  But I stopped into Bosco's here in Anchorage to grab some free Halloween comics and a box for my Topps Update set and saw hobby boxes of Dinosaurs sitting there.

I'm hoping I can find this for a deep discount later as pack prices, at least for hobby, were around $5. Which is a little steep for a set marketed for kids and when you only get 5 cards per pack.

A couple of thing after looking through the checklist I noticed and if your a dino nerd too, you'll notice that Upper Deck included a lot of animals that are not dinosaurs.   While most of the animals are extinct and prehistoric they are not all dinosaurs.  Ahem, but I digress. There are a lot of cool stuff you can pull, well the really cool stuff is all redemptions, but still some cool sketch and patch cards.  The base set consists of 150 cards, 1-100 base, 101-125 SP sea creatures (1:2.7 packs), and 126-150 Super SP Ice Age animals (1:8 packs), see not dinosaurs.  Lets see what 5 cards I pulled from my pack.

Stickers fall 1:8 packs.

The only parallel in the set are these canvas mini's. These are seeded every other pack and this might just be a set I foolishly try to complete as it combines two things I love. Mini cards and dinosaurs.
I ended up pulling a Super SP mini, not too shabby. Although I'm not sure if the rarity transfers over to the minis. Overall great looking cards, a fun educational set. I just hate how few cards you get for the money and how expensive this set will be to put together.  Although I'll probably break down and just buy a set.

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