Monday, March 07, 2016

2015 Donruss Soccer

Donruss - it's not just for baseball and basketball!

Panini used it's Donruss brand along with it's football licensing to release a full international soccer release. Featuring players from many famous teams throughout the world, Donruss Soccer brings the beautiful game to the US. All non-US teams, with the focus mostly on Europe, but you get Russia and Mexico too.

Small set, just 100 cards for the base, but you have inserts including players in their national team kits. Photo variations and autographs are available for hits. No relics. 8 cards per pack.

Clean. Simple. The photos are average, but the set feels like Donruss. For the right price, I would pick up a box of this. You see the player name, position and jersey number in the bottom bar. Team badge upper corner. Too big Donruss logo, though.

Ads on every photo with the sponsor showing on the kits.

Here's one the the insert sets - Midfield Maestros. As you can guess, you have an insert set for each position: Clean Sheets for the keepers, Defensive Dynamos for the no goal patrol, Midfield Maestros for the center line men and Fantastic Finishers for the forwards.

Another insert, this time focusing on a player in his national team colors. Kompany is from Belguim, btw.

Luis and Iron Mike both have a biting issue. The problem, though, is both are very good at what they do - scoring goals and beating the living hell out of people.

Single named players leave too much red space in the bottom bar. Get a last name you guys! Oh wait - Silvio does have a full name: Sílvio Manuel de Azevedo Ferreira Sá Pereira. Ok - I guess that won't fit.

No hits. Ended up with 4 ads for a UAE airline, one for Qatar airline, one for T Mobile's parent company, and a Portugese telecomm company on Silvio. Interesting, this year Benfica is also sponsored by Emirates.

If the fronts weren't simple enough, the backs really are. You get their biographical data and a short paragraph about them. No career data.

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