Friday, January 18, 2013

2002 Topps Archives Reserve Best Years Baseball

I'm in clean-up mode around here.  Sometime in 2011 I held an all-Topps group break.  Since then, I've been holding on to the scans from the first pack of each box to post here at some point.  This is that point.  After all, what good is it to open a pack without contributing to the cause?

This was a fun box.  Two relics, one auto, and an autographed ball.  Plus, it's all retired players, which isn't allowed under current licensing rules.  How can you go wrong?

#84 - Juan Marichal - Every card in the set is a refractor, with etching.  Yeah, they're pretty badass.

#TRR-KPJ - Kirby Puckett - Reprint Relic - With 10 packs in a box, and 3 packed hits, our chances were good.  Kirby ain't no slouch, and you can see a tiny sliver of pinstripe, too.

#45 - Steve Garvey - The backs are clean reprints. The downside is that the actual card number is slightly hidden in the fine print, but at least it's there somewhere.

#19 - Ozzie Smith - 1987 looks even better as a shiny rainbow wood panel, doesn't it?

I don't collect too many of the retired players featured in sets like this, but it's still tempting to rip a couple more boxes.  If you have the means and opportunity, I highly recommend it.


Hackenbush said...

Those are excellent. I think I own a just smattering of them.

Roy-Z said...

What a perfect design for a reprint relic.

I mean that thing is good.

I'd like to slap some barbecue sauce on that and

(dog woofing sounds)

The Junior Junkie said...

That Ozzie is one of the coolest cards I've ever seen!

Nice pull!