Monday, January 21, 2013

2005 Topps Turkey Red Baseball Hobby Box Topper Pennant

I'm in clean-up mode around here.  Sometime in 2011 I held an all-Topps group break.  Since then, I've been holding on to the scans from the first pack of each box to post here at some point.  This is that point.  After all, what good is it to open a pack without contributing to the cause?

Each box has one of several types of box toppers.  I can't really remember what the other possibilities are, but I do remember that these are the easiest to spot thanks to the flimsy fabric.

#NNO - Derek Jeter - Uncanny likeness.

I haven't seen any of these other felt fabric things, but if I had to guess, they created an Edgar Martinez drawing and switched out the names.  Still, they're pretty dang cool.


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Holy crap. I never knew about these.