Wednesday, January 09, 2013

2005 Fleer Ultra Baseball

Hey guys. From a recent repack box I bought, I pulled out a pack of 2005 Fleer Ultra. And somehow, that pack has never been ripped here. Now technically, there is not a lot of difference in the mid 2000s Ultra offerings, but since none of them have been shown, we are looking at something new. You want to see the pack, you say?

We have your standard relic and auto inserts. Eight cards in this pack. Let's not waste time.

It's a Nomo. I wonder if this card is yesterday's news to Night Owl?

Was this card part of GCRLs double play dump?

Or this one? One thing you can say about Fleer Ultra - killer images. Really - I think their photo selection was always top notch.

This guy was a White Sox for one year. We traded Garland for him. Nice move, Kenny Williams.

We have an insert. Wow - what a waste of space on the card. Talk about minimalism.

It's a Reds for Nacho.

Journey man, and PED supplier.

ROY and WS champ (with the Cardinals). This would not be a DP dump card in my opinion.

That's all 8 cards in the pack folks. Oh wait - do you remember this insert?

SLUGGERS!!! Win a trip to the All Star game. Oh crap! I forgot the pixel out the code. If one of you guys time travels back to win the prize, I will NEVER forget how you dishonored me. You will rue the day, and not with flour and butter.

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Roy-Z said...

There are so many cards of Jose Reyes sliding into second, seemingly out on a double play. So Mets.