Thursday, November 12, 2009

1981 Donruss Baseball

1981 Donruss: the set made on what has to be the thin card stock ever created by man. It's the card you can see shadows through holding it up to a 100 watt bulb. I'm not kidding. Go grab some out of your collection and give it a try.

When I bought this pack, it was the first one from a 'fresh' box and the card shop owner made no promises that it hadn't been searched. I thought to myself, based on Donruss' collation back in the day, there really wasn't anyway I would be able to know if it had been searched or not unless I got something.

Turns out, I would say it hadn't been searched:

The Highlights:

#218 Fred Lynn

#146 Ferguson Jenkins

#340 Frank White

This is the rare gum relic:

#230 Jeff CoxThe commons:

#147 Danny Darwin
#159 Glenn Borgman
#183 Mike LaCoss
#207 Sixto Lezcano
Checklist #361-480
#195 Randy Moffitt
#219 Chris Chambliss
#122 Randy Jones
#134 Jim Bibby

#51 Tom Donohue
#170 Fred Patek
#158 Jim Morrison
#194 Bob Knepper
#206 Reggie Cleveland


zman40 said...

Matt, send me that Cox card.

Matt Flaten said...

No problem, will do. That gum has become one with the card like cement.

Twitch said...

Fergie! Noice. :D