Saturday, November 14, 2009

1991 Topps Baseball

It's hard to believe but we haven't opened a 1991 Topps Baseball pack yet and I think this pack is the perfect example of what collectors ran into with this set.

We have one interesting card of the 15 and it is probably only interesting to me because it's an early Tom Gordon as a Royal card.

#248 Tom Gordon

It is a crap fest after that:

#191 Willie Blair
#164 Edgar Diaz
#179 Pete Harnisch
#88 Bob Tewksbury
#621 Ted Power
#445 Greg Swindell
#366 Checklist #3
#91 Greg Colbrunn
#513 Jerald Clark

#562 Jeff Kunkel
#503 Roy Smith
#602 Casey Candaele
#603 Wes Chamberlain
#254 Shawn Boskie


Twitch said...

No matter how bad the pack may be, 1991 topps is probably one of the 5-7 best looking topps base sets of all time, so it's okay.

Matt Flaten said...

Really? This is up there with 1989 Topps in my book.

RoofGod said...

I have to agree with Lonestarr, 1991 Topps is one of my all time favorites also. That Wes Chamberlain was one of my favorite cards that year, he was a rookie and with the picture that Topps used he absolutely filled up the card and made him look like he was going to be a stud hitter.