Saturday, December 31, 2011

1999 Topps Star Wars Episode 1 Widevision Series 2


Well, I wasn't able to do a double post, but that does not matter as it's enough to get us past 200 posts for 2011, which is good enough for me!  Hopefully we can get to 200 posts for 2012 as well, as I'm sure there are still many packs out there to open up.

I posted some Episode 1 Widevision cards yesterday.  Nowhere on the package did it say it was Series 1.  Is it a surprise that there was a Series 2?

Good thing there wasn't a Series 3; they can't fit a third character on the wrapper.  This is still an 80 card set, with a couple of Chase Card subsets.  Let's see what we get:

#73 – The Menace Of Maul
#16 - Watto (back)

The front of the Watto card is a picture of  Qui-Ron Jinn and Watto in his junkyard.  While the Series 1 cards followed the movie plot, the backs of the Series 2 cards were more on general or behind the scenes information.

#76 – Battle To The Death
#2 - Qui-Ron Jinn

The first few cards in the set were reserved for the major characters in the movie (#1 was a Title Card).  Again, the base cards from Series 1 followed the movie, so there were no base cards there dedicated to the characters.

#66 – Palace Attack
#34 - Courageous Astromech Droid

The cards are glossy and follow the established Topps Widevision format.  Series 1 had red borders while Series 2 has blue borders. 

#3 – Obi-Wan Kenobi
#63 – “Get To Your Ships!”

That's the pack.  Another bummer that I didn't grab one with a Chase card in it.

I hope everyone has fun tonight and that you all have a Happy New Year!  Keep up the great work on the blogs and keep posting here!  Thanks for reading!

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Todd Uncommon said...

Always bummed that they never made a "council used" official Jedi hair braid relic card.