Friday, December 30, 2011

2011-12 Pinnacle Hockey

NHL Winter Classic coming up signaling spending Sunday afternoons on NBC watching hockey. Panini unleashes another year of Pinnacle with 8 cards in a pack. When it comes to Pinnacle the designs are usually hit or miss with good photography.

100 - Ville Leino - decent design on the front of the card since all the photo cards printed horizontally. The back have no stats, just talks about the player's highlights.

95 - Justin Williams - good shot of him trying get near the goal hoping to deflect a shot

198 - Criag Anderson - the tried behind the net shot of the goalie still works

156 - James Wisniewski - enforcer known for his hard checks, head shot, taunting Sean Avery, and hotel commercial when he played for Chicago.

258 - Erik Condra - icebreaker card which runs 1:6 packs featuring rookies. I like the "nufex" design making the rookies looking like a future star.

123 - Dustin Brown - awful shot and print of a card just showing his back side. Couldn't Panini pick a better shot of him?

137 - Ryan O'Reilly - must be taken in practice as he's taping up the blade of his stick.

180 - Andrew Ladd - likely wristing the puck

This pack is a miss but I do like the simple design.


GamerRoy said...

there is a spelling mistake but thats ok its in craig andersons first name

Anonymous said...

Card #123 of Dustin Brown is showing the St. Patrick's Day warm-up jersey (later auctioned off for charity); you gotta give credit to Panini for continuing the odd-ball photos in Pinnacle.