Friday, March 09, 2012

2012 Press Pass Yo Gabba Gabba


So the wifey goes to Target to get some things and also picked up my first 2012 Topps cards in the form of a blaster box.  She also got a couple of these packs for the boys, supposedly as a reward (the older one is helping the younger one with potty training..they're 4 and 2 as of this posting).

Even though I declared that this show cannot be watched in my presence, I guess I'm not in their presence a whole lot, because they sure were excited when the wifey showed these to them:

I'd insert a one-liner here, but this is a family site.

To show them how I take care of my cards, I opened both packs for them and showed them the cards one at a time.  They then wanted to take the cards to bed with them.  I told them no and how they should take care of them, knowing full well that they'd be tossed about the next day.  I then realized that these things actually were their first experience with trading cards, so since no one posted this pack on the site yet (no way!!!), I scanned one of the packs for you all to enjoy.

I remember the wrapper saying there were 90 cards in the set, 5 cards per pack.  There were also stickers and puzzle cards.  Here's what we got:

#22 - Plex!
#41 - Muno's Family
#78 - Sticker
#65 - "Party In My Tummy"
#26 - D.J. Lance Rock!

Here are the backs in case anyone's interested:

They did get one thing right...stickers are indeed awesome.

That's the pack.  When I first started contributing to the site, I would have never thought I would be posting my children's packs.  Oh well, if they follow in my footsteps and start collecting, I can always bring up this post whenever they start getting too full of themselves and say, "Yes, you actually LIKED these cards!"

Something better next time...thanks for reading!

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Anonymous said...

No Way! Is that the DJ Lance Rock RC? Nice pull! ;)