Monday, February 10, 2014

2013 Press Pass Parks and Recreation Hobby

Parks and Recreation is probably my favorite show. I was surprised to see cards existed for it, particularly a hobby version. This is technically going to be a highlighted box break...I'll show you some of the base and then the three hits.

Each box includes 2 autographs and a relic.

First some of the base...

 photo base2_zps26d2d24b.jpg

Most of the cards are episode cards, highlighting a particular episode. This is a parallel, falling one per pack.

 photo base3_zps14286a77.jpg

Some of the cards highlight the actors, like this one... Retta, who plays Donna Meagle.

 photo base1_zps56789b71.jpg

Here are a couple of the "website" cards. One highlight's Tom's business "Rent-a-Swag" and the other highlights the "City of Pawnee" website.

And now the hits...

 photo mocollins_zps16a04afc.jpg

Here is Mo Collins, who plays Joan Callamezzo, Pawnee news anchor. She also played Gina in the 40-Year-Old-Virgin, and was a cast member on MadTV.

 photo azizanzari_zps27f18d30.jpg

Here is Aziz Ansari! This is red ink numbered 01/99. Pretty cool to get a main cast member autograph. He, of course, plays Tom Haverford.

 photo aubreyplaza_zps3748bf1d.jpg

Finally, my relic is from Aubrey Plaza. A cool part of this set is that the relics are all the clothing items shown in the picture on the card. Plus, I just plain love Aubrey Plaza.

Anyway, fun break!!!!


Anonymous said...

Is the Aubrey up for sale or trade.

Punchy Sam said...

Sorry, too in love with Aubz to trade it. :-p I will let you know if I break another box and pull another though.