Friday, February 28, 2014

2013 Enterplay G.I. Joe: Retaliation


Hope everyone had a good week.  50 years ago this month, this toy made it's debut:

Hasbro introduced the first G.I. Joe action figures during the International Toy Fair back in February of 1964.  The figures have come a long way from the original "America’s Movable Fighting Man".

There are only 2 Joe-related posts on APTBNL, here and here.  I knew where to find another pack to post, so off I went to the Dollar Tree.  I've seen them there before, but refused to buy them because it was 3 cards for a buck.  But still, the 50th birthday of the first action figure needs to be acknowledged, so here's a pack of 2013 Enterplay G.I. Joe: Retaliation!

OK, so it's 3 cards and a tattoo sheet for a buck.  Yeah, doesn't make it much better.  Here's the back of the pack:

Magic Mike is patrolling the back, letting you know what's in those fine tattoos.  Here's what I got:

#2 - Firefly
#T2 - Tattoo Sheet

I have yet to see Retaliation, so I don't know how much Firefly is used.  It seemed like he was only in the early episodes of the cartoon, disappearing halfway through the run.

Look at those tats!  I assume the top one is "Snake Eyes's Ninja Hexogram" and the one on the left is "'Brothers' Calligraphy".  Everyone should know what the "Cobra Badge" is.

#17 - The Ear That Sees
#10 - Duke

Jinx is taking on Snake Eyes in the one card I got that describes a scene from the movie.  Don't know if they kept the "bad luck" part of Jinx's persona; at least they brought over the "fighting good while blindfolded" bit. And hey, a Duke card...the back says Duke is Roadblock's second in command.  Wait, what?

Speaking of backs:

For those who are wondering, the cards themselves are very thin.  Interweb searches reveal that there are only 48 cards in the set.

Well, that's the pack.  Pretty bummed, right?  Well, I can't let the post end on a downer.  So, here's a link to the classic G.I Joe PSA parodies:

Have a great weekend...Yo Joe!

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