Sunday, February 09, 2014

2013 Topps Archives Baseball Rack Pack


Fifty years ago tonight this happened:


Since the only Beatles cards I have were already posted on the site, I'm going with cards I've already scanned to the computer.  Here's a rack pack of 2013 Topps Archives Baseball!

I got a pack of this when I got the retail pack, since Target had them on sale back then.  I didn't scan any backs for some reason, so go to the retail pack post if you really want to see backs.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the British Invasion, I'm linking each player in the pack to a Beatles song.  Some will be easy to guess, while for others I had to dig into the player / card to get a song.  No offense is intended; play along if you want!  Here's what I got:

Top Pack:

#27 - Manny Machado
#88 - Derek Holland
#102 - Matt Moore
#169 - Pedro Alvarez

#25 - Dexter Fowler
#69 - Eddie Mathews
#129 - Madison Bumgarner
#171 - Jay Bruce

Bottom Pack:

#29 - Angel Pagan
#96 -  Edwin Encarnacion
#106 -  Tim Lincecum
#165 - Stephen Strasburg

#30 - Yu Darvish
#51 - Carlos Gonzalez
#148 - Dustin Pedroia
#178 - Giancarlo Stanton
#1 - Babe Ruth

Yep, I was shorted a card.  Bummer.

Anyway, that's the pack.  Hope you all enjoyed the tunes.  And thank you, lads from Liverpool, for the all of the great music.  More later...thanks for reading!

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JediJeff said...

Lincecum = Girl. CLASSIC!