Saturday, March 29, 2014

2006-07 Fleer Flair Showcase hockey

Alright, let's throw another pack of hockey I have scanned. I purchased a repack of hockey a few months back from Target and here is one pack we have yet to show - 2006-07 Fleer Flair Showcase. We have seen Flair in baseball, but let's check out a hockey release.

This is the retail release. Cam Ward get the cover on the pack. The 'Canes should not have gotten rid of their unique stripe at the base of their sweaters. Five card pack, and we could pull an autograph.

Think Bowman Platinum. That is the background foil on the face of the card. Two different images. was an earlier time. Buffaslug on Vanek's jersey. The design is simple, but that bottom is pretty bad. The stark white with the foil is a bad choice.

Change the bottom and this would be decent releases. Could be too much foil background, but at least the player shines in the card. Pun not intended.

The nice thing about this release is the second to last viewing of the square bottom sweaters in the NHL. In 2007, they moved to the Reebok Edge uniforms that have the rounded bottoms. And with those uniforms came the Bettman Stripes. So it's nice to see a decent Colorado uniform instead of the crap that debuted in 2007.

As seems to be the norm in hockey cards, a player changing teams only gets the team change and not a photoshop job. Topps should stick with this.

No hit in the pack. Again - great bottom stripe on the Hurricane's jersey. Unique. Now, they are just average. Flipping the card over.

No image. Again, if you have over 5 years of service, you get the five most recent years listed, and then a grand total. Nice bio blurb on the back, along with the vital personal stats of age, weight, DOB, etc.

A good release. It has it's faults, but it has it's pluses too.

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