Thursday, March 27, 2014

2013-14 Upper Deck Black Diamond hockey

Wow - I think we all forget about APTBNL. That's not right by any means.

Ok - folder cleaning time. Let's queue up a bunch of packs, starting with UD 13/14 offering of Black Diamond.

Not too much changes when it comes to Black Diamond. It's like the Bowman of hockey - very little changes from year to year. You have the usual levels of cards, from single through quad diamond cards. Hits exist, let's see what we have.

As I said, UD doesn't vary too much from it's past offerings. The one issue each year is the inability to see the player's names without holding the card just right. I do like the background texture to place the focus on the player, though.

In past releases, Black Diamond would use directional hashing in the background. This year, just a flat texture.

I miss these King's alternates.

Here is my big hit from the pack. A nice rookie quad of.....let me look it up since I can't see the name! Mikael Granlund.

And this completes the pack. And the card backs?

Same image with a Instagram sepia filter. While Depres has two years, the standard for players with longer career is on the back - 5 seasons with a total. All in all, the same we have seen before. Zzzzzz...

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shoeboxlegends said...

Granlund is actually a good rookie, that's a decent card!