Friday, March 28, 2014

2013-14 Upper Deck series 1 hockey

Another day, more hockey. Let's clear out the folder and post another pack of hockey. This time we are going to look at the current year's design of Upper Deck hockey.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy - double rookie class. I think that joke is getting old so that is the last time I'll make it. Shocking to not see Ovechkin, Crosby or Malkin on the cover. In fact, Corey Price is an odd choice. Talented for sure, but certainly not a household name, unless you are from Montreal.

Upper deck loves the bleed, and that is a very, very good thing. Lack of foil on the name is a wonderful thing. The only foil is the UD logo and the foil in the name badge at the bottom. Simple design, though the badge is a kinda bland. As opposed to yesterday's Black Diamond, you can easily see the player's name.

Note how the badge matches the team colors, even if the uniform looks like crap.

Nothing like a great check along the boards.



I believe these fell about one per pack. Not too bad a card with Brunner.

I will say this about the design (or may just this pack) - not enough great shots like you see in past releases. Too zoomed in.

Here's a zoomed in that works.

I wonder what the guy over Seidenberg's shoulder is considering.

Sorry, I didn't scan the card backs. I think you get the idea what they probably look like. Good design, in my opinion. Photos lack a bit in the usual UD style, but a decent release.

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Todd Uncommon said...

How Upper Deck has fallen. Nothing notable, interesting, or recognizable about this particular set or year from any other. It's like they fired all of their graphic designers and bought a robot.