Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2013-14 Panini Totally Certified hockey

We all know this will be the last year (for a while) of any hockey cards that do not have the Upper Deck logo. Panini has done a pretty decent job with their releases, so there will be a void in the sport for the brand. They are making the most of their time they have left. I picked up their slightly higher end release of Totally Certified. While I like other releases, I would not be too sad seeing this one disappear.

Do packs getting any more boring? Holy crap - DOUBLE ROOKIE CLASS?!?!?! I am just learning about this now? (/snark) Five cards in a pack with a guaranteed hit within.

You can see why I would not mourn the loss of this set. REALLY bland. The set logo is way too large and pretty much the easiest thing to read. Who is this? Who knows? Yeah - his name is down there below the logo, but the design and the foil completely loses it. I can tell you, in hand, it is just as hard to read. FYI - this is Tyler Myers.

Here is a serialed hit numbered to 50. I can't complain about the pull of a Stastny, except it is not a Blackhawk.

Shea Weber. That radiant pattern you see goes all around the player. You really cannot see it that well from my scanner, but it's there.

Quick - is this the actual back for this set or the back for any other Panini release? Here is the one part of most of Panini's releases I hate.

Rookie class of Varlamov. This is a nice pull with the season he is having. The weird thing about the rookie class cards is that the team name is just above the player's name, instead of at the top. Weird.

And my hit. Fourth line winger for the Caps. Not a good hit at all. Oh well, that happens.

Average pack with not a lot of greatness within. If you see something you want/need, you can find my email at my blog.

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