Wednesday, April 30, 2014

2014 Topps Opening Day

This is pretty much the only new pack of baseball cards that you can buy with pocket change. With an increasing number of inserts, a few packs of this stuff can go a long way if you're looking for some trade bait. I've never been totally sold on its necessity, but I do like more and more what you can get for your buck.

179 - Johnny Cueto - Like the past 4 years, the 2014 offering has the same design with plain grey replacing the foil from the base cards.

71 - Jordan Zimmermann

2 - Dustin Pedoria - He has a face of a middle infielder who likes to get dirty.

ODS-17 - Dustin Pedroia Opening Day Stars - I am a big fan of this insert set, year after year. I want them all.

42 - Mariano Rivera - We've already seen this card a bunch from the base set, but like most of the cards they duplicated the photo for the Opening Day brand and gave the card Mo's uniform number.

186 - Jonathan Schoop - Schoop. Schoop-a-Doop. Schoop-a-Doop.

87 - Jayson Werth - Check it out, guys! Bryce is shooping!


Hackenbush said...

Pretty good pack for a buck.

Todd Uncommon said...

A lot to like here.

A little Salt N' Pepa reference, a nice little lenticular 3D insert card to fawn over, a giant Pepsi logo that dominates the Rivera card.

It's like the mini-meals at McDonald's but for cards!