Tuesday, December 08, 2015

2005 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic

I handpicked this pack of cards out of a plastic bin on the dirty floor of a card show for $1. That's where you find the good stuff, folks.

11 - Carl Yastrzemski - If you haven't read it, the Cardboard Gods book is an excellent read. Yaz gets a lot of love in that book. Cardboard Gods was one of the first handful of baseball card blogs I ever read and I would consider it one of my influences, even if it doesn't come out at all in the slightest in my own writing.

32 - Gary Carter - The black & white photo look seems weird on a guy I got to see play on color TV in my lifetime.

22 - Don Newcombe - The bronze foil just brings these cards down a few pegs, unfortunately.

86 - Ted Williams - Splendid.

Since you were patient and made it this far, here's a quick peek at the back of one of the cards. You're welcome.

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JediJeff said...

Agreed. A lot of potential, but the foil wrecks it.