Thursday, December 10, 2015

2014 Bowman Chrome football

I'm not quite sure why Topps does a Bowman release for football. Maybe a reader knows why. I could search the 'net, but since I am not a football collector, the answer doesn't concern me. Posting this pack here does concern me, though.

Good old LCS pack wars for this "purchase". Jadeveon Clowney gets the cover of the product. And he's turned into another first draft pick bust. Four cards per pack, just like Topps Chrome baseball. Without further delay....

Very Bowman-ish design. Here is the baseball release for 2014 to compare. The design is not horrible,. Maybe a little busy in the background, but it does focus on the player.

Trent here gets the workout look, sans pads. With the taped name at the front of his helmet, we know this is a photo from training camp.

No rookies get a slightly different design layout. Why did the fish change their logo?

Just like baseball Chrome, you are get refractor in each pack. Nothing special about the Brady - the spots you see are actually the weather from the game the teams played in.

Straight forward back with the previous year's stats, then a career total. Also a paragraph about the player. I'm going to hold my tongue about my feelings for Brady.

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