Friday, August 06, 2010

2010 Press Pass Eclipse Retail

Upper Deck Masterpieces meets NASCAR in this release, so let's get right to the matte finish goodness. No wrapper, sorry.

11 Jeff Gordon

78 Another Jeff Gordon Elite Blue Parallel thing (1:4 packs I think)

D 1/8 Jimmie Johnson Decade (1:12 if memory serves)- This card is way flimslier than the rest and started getting dinged almost immediately. It looks nice though, in person at least.

86 Brad Keselowski The Move to Penske

56 Anthology: Martinsville- Another freakin' Jeff Gordon-centric card.

Aside from the 60% Jeff Gordon pack, these are really nice cards. They have the look and feel of Upper Deck Masterpieces. If NASCAR is your thing, then I can't recommend these bad mamma-jammas enough. They are quality cards. You can even have these if you want 'em.


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