Thursday, August 26, 2010

2010 Topps NFL Football -Retail

This is a retail pack from a Big Store - begins w/ the letter "W". Twelve Card pack, $2.10 including PA Sales Tax.

2010 Topps NFL Football
#365 Larry Johnson
#47 Jacoby Jones
#74 Ernie Sims
#284 Shaun Phillips

A PSU alum, and and a new Eagle.

#231 Julius Jones
Gridiron Lineage #GL-ET John Elway & Tim Tebow
Topps Attax Julius Peppers
#286 Kellen Winslow (damaged)

I am sure many folks will find the Lineage card a bit sacrilege. I didn't notice that the pack had been tampered with but the Winslow card is ripped badly at the center bottom. Doesn't really show up on the scan.

#196 Brian Robiskie
#180 Reggie Wayne
#294 Everson Griffen (rc)
#194 Colt McCoy(rc)

A Viking Rookie Card and Colt McCoy RC. Some of the premier rookies from specify that there are 5 Rookie cards in the set and what number the card is in that set. The McCoy is card 1 of the 5 card Colt McCoy Rookie set.

If there are any Browns Fans out there, I suppose that this pack would make them happy.

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SpastikMooss said...

As a Browns fan, woohoo!

Unfortunately my two favorite Browns are Josh Cribbs (who you didn't pull) and Seneca Wallace (who didn't make the checklist). So...wouldn't have been a great pack for me lol.

Todd Uncommon said...

I don't think the Elwaybow card is sacrilege. It's a hobby tradition to staple a legend onto an as-yet-unproved but popular newbie.

That pack is about par for the course, I think, for a retail pack. Figures it's been tampered with.

Guess that goes to show you how smart and aware big-W checkers are when they can't bother to pay attention to product molesters stationed right in front of the register.

Isn't it possible that in some dope's search for a Rookie Premiere auto, that he might damage in in the process?

That pack creeper needs to man up and go to his hobby shop and buy a box of jumbo like everyone else, if he wants a reasonable shot at a rare auto.