Saturday, August 07, 2010

1992 Arena Holograms Kid Griff

Here is one of the true oddities of the junk wax giveaway. There were two "Kid Griff" packs. Clearly, I didn't read the wrapper carefully as I assumed that this was going to be a pack of cards that included one hologram card.

5 - Superstar (Instead, there was just the one card, inside a plastic card holder. This one is appropriately blue bordered, and the hologram card has a cartoon Griffey on it.)

This is where it gets weird. I cannot even begin to comment on the back of this card. Check out the "Hitting Abilities of Various Athletes" chart. It is truly mystifying.

And heeeeere's the checklist.

This is on its way (along with the still unopened pack) to a certain Griffey collector out there. Man, was he popular back in the early '90s. I remember having a Griffey candy bar in my freezer for awhile.


SpastikMooss said...

What in the world? Man...weirdest card back ever.

madding said...


Community Gum said...

That back MUST have been translated from Japanese or something... it just plain makes no sense.


Anonymous said...

These cards are top of the list along of art detail I'd say they are worth at least 100.00 on up on these kid griff cards they are just awesome my opinion