Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2010 Allen and Ginter Rack Pack

The rack pack. Often tempting and more often translucent enough to make out a couple of cards. Since I had not yet gotten my hands on a pack of 2010 Allen & Ginter, I grabbed one that I saw at Target this past weekend.

So, first off the wrapper:

12 cards for the price of 10, how could I pass that up?

Here's what I got out of it.

First, the Madison Bumgarner RC (#6) that enticed me through the translucent packaging.
A nice card, though I have my doubts about Bumgarner and whether he will turn out to be even a #2 starter.

Next up was this Justin Upton (#82).

He had a huge surge last month, but has cooled slightly since then.

Then came Johnny Strange: Mt. Climber extraordinaire! (#211)

Former Yankee Johnny Damon (#197) and current Yankee Jorge Posada (#143) were next up.

Finally, a Chris Pettit rookie card rounded out the top pack (#292).

The bottom pack started with this Jose Lopez (#18).

Then, it moved on to this Joe Nathan. Nathan happens to be from the same town in New York where I lived most of my life, so I enjoyed this card. (#337)

Nathan was followed by Marathon Champion Meb Keflezighi. (#205)

Keflezighi had Carlos Zambrano hot on his heels. (#91)

Next was this James Shields This Day in History Card. (#TDH 61)

Wow, born on the same day as the Louisiana Purchase was completed. That must have been exciting for him.

Last, but not least (unless one considers card size) as this mini Isaac Newton. (#297)

Well, hope you enjoyed these. They are all up for trade, though my favorite from the pack is the Joe Nathan card. I also posted some other 2010 Allen & Ginter stuff on my blog. Shoot me an email if you are interested in anything.

Thanks for reading!


Play at the Plate said...

You must have been happy pulling two Yanks! Don't take my Yankee hating post personal!

Todd Uncommon said...

Rock star theoretician hair mojo!

shoeboxlegends said...

The fact that there are only 12 cards in a "rack pack" pretty much illustrates what I think is wrong with modern day collecting...

TheBrooklynMet said...

Yes, those two yankee (one former one present) cards hurt. Unless I can turn them around in a trade it made it almost a 10 card pack.

Oh, and I agree with both ToddUncommon and shanediaz82.