Sunday, August 08, 2010

1992 Collect-A-Card Trolls Series 1

Each pack contains a free sticker, plus you get 7 cards inside as well.  These packs either have the very best colation or the very worst, depending on your perspective.  This pack contains (in order, mind you), cards 14-20.  Yes, I'm serious.

It's pretty sad when the sticker is a higher quality than the cards themselves.  The sticker is a high-gloss, nice stock, high-quality photo.  The cards... Well, they're cards.  The stock is actually not bad and probably comes from the same stock most trading cards of the time were printed on.  The borders are simple alternating pink and blue. The images, however... It is as if someone found old photos from the 70's and stuck them on these cards.

As you can see, each card features a Troll in a different setting.  The lighting differs wildly from card to card, as does the image quality (though, again, all images seem to be plucked from some bizarre family photo album of the 70's).

The golfing Troll is probably the clearest, nicest-looking card in the pack.  He's from the 80's instead of the 70's, I guess.

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