Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1995 Leaf Series 2

Last week I posted a Series 1 pack from 1995 Leaf. This should look familiar as it's the Series 2 version. Once again, this was just a 50 cent purchase despite the pack's price tag.

240 - Mark McGwire (McGwire was probably relegated to Series 2 duties because of his lackluster/incomplete 1994 season. Either that, or it was because of his hair.)

308 - Phil Plantier (Plantier is clearly invoking the infield fly rule.)

317 - Mark Clark (Prospect parent? Don't name your kid something that rhymes with your last name.)

327 - Ricky Bottalico

268 - Derek Bell (That's Bell's "Grit Face.")

349 - Jose Oliva

355 - John Dettmer

380 - J.R. Phillips

385 - Jeffrey Hammonds (Hammonds never really developed a lot of power outside of his one Coors Field-aided season.)

203 - Scott Sanders

362 - Brett Butler

15 of 16 - Matt Williams Great Gloves (This is a 1:2 pack insert. Unfortunately, the card was pretty mangled before it came out of the package and has a weird extra strip of plastic coating that is peeling off of the card in a couple of spots. Very weird. Also, the huge glove image really takes away from the photo.)

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Play at the Plate said...

That Bell card is funny. Looking.