Friday, August 13, 2010

1995 Leaf Series 1

I was reading the other day over at Sports Cards Uncensored that Leaf was coming back in some bastardized form. Needless to say, I couldn't be less excited. To me, Leaf was a candy company that happened to branch out into baseball cards and other things. Here's a Leaf pack from 1995 from the 50 cent bins.

103 - Bobby Munoz (I think this is the rare design which surprisingly looks better when scanned than it actually does in purpose. I guess it's because the scanner picks up the rainbowy foil stuff in a bright way which looks kind of neat.)

15 - Melvin Nieves (I think I'm one of the only people who liked the Padres uniforms and two-color cap logos around this time. I should try to buy a cap.)

24 - Damon Buford

39 - Scott Servais

48 - Rondell White (Is it just me, or was Rondell White a lot worse than people seem to remember him?)

52 - Denny Hocking (One of the mid-'90s flames that I knew nothing about.)

65 - Mike Lieberthal (These backs are nothing to write home about. I'm not a fan of the minimal stats. The card number stamp thing is goofy looking, but easy to read.)

79 - Ray Lankford (Colby Rasmus will have a long ways to go yet before he's mentioned with the likes of other Cardinals center fielders like Jim Edmonds and Ray Lankford. Lankford played for the Cards for a very long time.)

186 - Tim Naehring

95 - Darrell Whitmore (Any Fish fans out there? No? You must be too busy attending baseball games to read these blogs.)

15 of 16 - Alex Gonzalez Gold Leaf Rookies (Hey, it's the new Braves shortstop.)

157 - Mark Gubicza

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