Monday, August 16, 2010

1991 Topps "1953" Topps Archives

This almost 20 year old set was a near complete reproduction of the Classic 1953 Topps Set. The Cards are in the current 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch format rather than the slightly larger 2 5/8 x 3 3/4 inches of the originals. This pack was picked up as a bonus pack at a card show with several packs of Allen Ginter and Bowman Heritage. I think it was listed as $1.50 for a 12 card pack.

The Cards (clicking on any group shot will enlarge the scan)

1991 Topps Archives The Ultimate 1953 Set
#309 Leo Durocher
#55 Maurice McDermott
#86 Billy Martin
#33 Bob Kennedy

The Durocher card is not part of the original set and a Photo is used here rather than a painting.
Cards #281 and above of the 337 card set were not issued as part of the original 1953 set.

1991 Topps Archives The Ultimate 1953 Set
#156 Jim Rivera
#24 Ferris Fain
#189 Ray Jablonski
#27 Roy Campanella

1991 Topps Archives The Ultimate 1953 Set
#249 Ed O'Brien
#126 Bill Connelly
#209 Jim Greengrass
#318 Curt Simmons

As with Leo Durocher above, Curt Simmons is a new 1953 card. This was the only Phillies card in the pack, of course I already had it.

The Originals
1953 Topps #22 Howie Fox

The B-Sides

The Howie Fox card along with the B-Sides of Durocher and Campanella. The Durocher card was not part of the original 1953 Set and this is differentiated by having all of the Biographical text at the top in Black. The Originals had either all white text or a White Name followed by the demographic info in black (as it is on the Campanella card). On the Bottom of the Durocher back it is also specifies that the card is a member of "The Cards that Never Were".

It was a fun pack to open - Worth a buck-fiddy I suppose - Lots of star power: Campy, Billy Martin, Fain and Simmons are all good pulls.

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