Sunday, August 15, 2010

2010 Topps WWE


We'll take a break from ripping baseball card packs today and take a look at the brand new 2010 Topps WWE product.  This is a retail pack (not sure if there is a hobby version) and it contains 7 cards with a MSRP of $1.99.  Here's a quick run down of the inserts and their odds:

Championship Material 1:6
Championship Material Intercontinental Puzzle Parallel 1:12
Championship Material WWE Unified Puzzle Parallel 1:12
World Championship Material 1:6
World Championship Material WWE Title Puzzle Parallel 1:12
Topps Town 1:6
History Of 1:8
National Heroes 1:8
Favorite Finishers 1:4

Base Card Parallels: (* sequentially numbered)
* Blue 1:21
* Gold 1:10
Autograph 1:475
* Autograph Gold 1:4,200
* Dual Autograph 1:2,070
* Dual Autograph Gold 1:8,300
Superstar Swatch Relic 1:700
Superstar Swatch Relic Gold 1:1,485
Elimination Chamber Relic 1:54
* Elimination Chamber Relic Gold 1:2,025
* Elimination Chamber Relic Red 1:175,000

#106 "Cowboy" Bob Orton - WWE Legend
Father of current WWE superstar Randy Orton.  Bob was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2005.

#38 Jillian
Horrible horrible gimmick - she's a wanna be pop singer that totally butchers songs.  Would someone please choke slam her?

#22 Big Show
Hey Big Show, think you can help me out with my request above?  Thanks!

Big Show is 7 feet tall and tips the scales at 485 lbs.  Said he played basketball @ Wichita State before finding fame and fortune in the ring.

#28 David Hart Smith
Grandson of WWE Hall of Famer Stu Hart and son of WWE Superstar the "British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith.  If you take a good look at David's face you can see the family resemblance easily.

Each card back gives you the height & weight of each wrestler (minus the female divas) along with a glimpse into their character.

#14 Rosa Mendes

#6 Alicia Fox
Tall, athletic and cocky

#C40 Jillian - Championship Material (Divas Championship)
Her again?!

These cards are printed on foil board.  Card #40?  Wow, this is a much larger insert set than I would have imagined.

She held her newly won title on October 12, 2009 for 2 minutes?!  Classic...

Ok, so not too bad.  The baseball/football shared design works well here.  You may have noticed that some cards have the RAW logo while the others have the Smack Down logo.  Every April (?) WWE hosts a draft of sorts and moves their people around between the two brands.  My guess is so each respective brand stays "fresh" while also giving fans the opportunity to see different wrestlers on TV since RAW is on cable while Smack Down is on regular broadcast TV.

Being a wrestling fan and a Topps fan I plan to build this set - at lease the base set.  I haven't seen a checklist or images of what the other inserts look like, but this pack has me intrigued.  If I've peaked your curiosity you can join me over on my blog as I'll be busting a blaster of this product that is guaranteed to give us one relic.

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