Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2009 Panini Certified Football- Blaster

I found a blaster of this stuff for 1/2 off at Shopko last month I guess it was. So $15 instead of $30 for three five card packs and one hit. Michael Crabtree's image is plastered all over the thing, so I guess I was warned (though not as harshly as if it were Heyward-Bey I guess). Anyway, I already halfheartedly attempted to organize everything, so I'm not sure what base cards came from which pack, but here are the 15 cards pulled in numerical order.

10 Derrick Mason

16 Terrell Owens- Keeper (I don't collect him, but it's a throwback uni, so yeah.)

22 Brian Urlacher- Keeper

30 Brady Quinn

36 Tony Romo

58 David Garrard

64 Tony Gonzalez

73 Randy Moss- Keeper

79 Marques Colsten- Keeper

87 Darren McFadden

93 Donovan McNabb

100 Ladainian Tomlinson- Keeper

Parallels- These came in the two non-hit packs.

59 Torry Holt Red /250- I had no idea what became of him. Going to Jacksonville will do that to you I guess.

82 Eli Manning Blue /100- The Don Larsen of the NFL... One big moment on the biggest possible stage, but otherwise pretty mediocre.

And now for the hit:

21 Deon Butler (Seahawks) Fabric of the Game (Event-Worn Jersey) /100

It all looks nice enough (and shiny! Except for the hit. It isn't shiny at all...), but I wasn't impressed, even at $15, but realizing that 40% of the base cards were keepers softened the blow of a jersey of some dude I'd never heard of and a parallel of overrated (in the playoffs) Peyton's overrated (in every other way) brother a little bit.

All but the keepers are available. Contact me at leisure.

Adios and via con dios...


John Bateman said...

That is the problem with some of these card sets unless you are really going to collect them they are practically worthless - The Butler card could be picked up for a buck or 2.

Anonymous said...

So very very true