Sunday, August 08, 2010

2005 Topps Wacky Packages

I loved Wacky Packages when I was a kid.  Opening this pack brought back memories and even gave me a chuckle at the updated variations.  Each pack has 6 items - could be stickers, could be magnets, who knows!

We find three stickers first: Orangutina (w/12% juice and 2% chimp), Bandaging for Mummies (one of the truly clever titles!), and Salman Joy (again, very clever!).

Next up, we have Skunkist (nice!), Punchables (it is weird to see my kids' lunch done up this way), and a Blister game tattoo.  I am not too thriled with Twister, I can't imagine playing Blister... Fun for the whole ... I hope there are barf bags in the box!

Not only are the fronts clever, but the backs either contain puzzle pieces or they have their own ads:

Nothing like good old-fashioned parody and gross-out-ability to get kids interested in collecting!

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Matt Runyon said...

I loved the original Wackys as a kid. I had the complete sets of series 5-11 but they got ripped off at school. :(