Sunday, August 08, 2010

1995 Skybox Adventures of Batman and Robin

The animated adventures of Batman and Robin come in a pack of 4 cards, plus you get a coloring card.  It's interactive collecting fun for the whole family!

The cards feature no border.  The fronts have the cartoon's logo and a still captured from the series.  The backs give more info about the character or scene on the front.

The images look a whole lot better online from the scanner than they actually are.  These look like they were snapped while actually watching the show on TV.  They are fuzzy, sometimes grainy, and if you look at the guy with the chain, the upper right corner looks like it has an actual TV scan line running through it. Really?

The coolest feature of the pack is the coloring card:

This is actually printed on the BACK of the card, so there is no gloss on it.  That shouold make it easier to color.  The downside is that I got Batman. How many colors do I need to color him?  I'm guessing a steel grey should do it... Or maybe he'll go with hot pink this year. I'll let my daughter decide.

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