Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2010 Allen & Ginter Hobby pack

I can't believe it - I actually get to be the person who posts on a popular new release. I'd like to say that I timed my vacation to the States so that I could be the one to write about Allen & Ginter on APTBNL, but honestly, that's a lie. I timed my vacation so that I could go to Vegas for a work conference.

This is just a nice bonus.

So the details - one pack, 8 cards. Each pack should get one mini card, and I think each pack also gets a "This Day in History Card" - this pack certainly did.

Hey, it's Minty Beans!

134 - Vladimir Guerrero

21 - Ryan Kennelly (Champion Bench Presser)
Dude can bench press 1075 lbs. Eh - that's okay, but I'd be more impressed if it was 1075 kilos.

147 - Cristian Guzman

154 - Juan Francisco (RC)
Yes! A Red!

64 - Josh Beckett

91 - Carlos Zambrano
You know why Carlos didn't throw a wobbly in this pack? Because the next card was keeping him in line...

MM5 - Monsters of the Mesozoic mini: Allosaurus
I was really hoping for a dinosaur because my wife's students studied them this term and she thought it was cool that you could get dinosaur cards. The odds (1:12) were definitely stacked against me, but sometimes you get lucky.

By the way, you do not want to mess with the Allosaurus. From the card: "The 3 1/2 ton, scalpel-clawed Allosaurus could seize and shake its prey, rip off large chunks with ultra-sharp serrated teeth and gulp it down with brutal efficiency." Yikes!

TDH6 - This Day in History: Brian Roberts
An Oriole and a Tar Heel, and a good way to end the pack.

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