Sunday, August 08, 2010

1995 Fleer Batman Forever

The wrapper is all dark and mysterious, blues and greens against a black background.  There is no promise of anything special - no foil, no duflex, no holographics. You get 6 cards, kid. Here.

Out of the shoot, we have the man himself followed by a couple Jim Carrey cards.  In the third one, he looks like he is thinking, "Just take the stupid picture before I rip off your blankety-blank head!"

Two-Face, the dynamic duo, and Bruce Wayne finish out the pack.  The cards are borderless, glossy, and are on decent cardstock. The backs show a closeup of part of the image on front with a parapgraph or so os relevant info.  If you're into movie/comic-related cards, this is actually not a bad way to go.  I say that, you realize, having no experience in such a collectible. Just sayin.

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