Saturday, August 21, 2010

1986 Donruss baseball

Bought this pack at shop in San Antonio last week. 1986 Donruss baseball puzzle is Hank Aaron. What I got is:

379 - Bob James - had his best season in 85

513 -Frank Eufemia - 1985 is his only season in the majors. Left the game after 1986 season only to return in 1992.

643 - John Shelby - 11 year major league career who got a World Series ring as member of 1988 Dodgers team.

Checklist no. 1

3 - Willie McGee Diamond Kings - lead the league in hits and triples that season. Deserved to be on the Diamond King set.

57 - Doug DeCinces - ready to crank one out of the park

191 - Phil Bradley - had a career year in 1985 with a trip to the All-Star game

324 - Carmelo Martinez - Carmelo was Padres few homerun hitters during the time. He lead the team in homeruns twice, but the most he hit in a season was 21.

458 - Bob Shirley - his best season of his career with 2.64 ERA. After 1985 season his ERA ballooned up with the Yankees releasing him and getting picked up by the Royals in his last major league season.

591 - Marty Bystrom - 1985 was his last season in the majors. He hung around the minors til leaving the game after 1989 season.

114 - David Green - didn't play 1986 season only to return for 14 games with the Cardinals in 1987 before spending rest of his career in the minors.

246 - Charlie Moore - Brewers utility man for 14 seasons.

380 - Glenn Davis - he was hitting his prime with the Astros. Years later, Astros commit "highway robbery" when they ship him to the Orioles for Curt Schilling, Steve Finley, and Pete Harnish. Astros would end up screwing that up shipping Schilling and Finley a year later.

15 - Tony Perez Diamond Kings - few remaining players of Big Red Machine at the time. I believe that would be one of his last card as a player.

644 - Pete Rose Ty-breaking hit - that's a neat card showing Rose hitting to tie and break Ty Cobb hits record. Should be in the Hall.

Hank Aaron puzzle piece 55-56-57 - got the border of Hank Aaron puzzle piece.

Three cards made my pack.

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Matt Runyon said...

Those stripes really give me a headache.

What the heck happened to David Green?