Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1995 Topps Series 1

Here is pack 28 of a box I've been breaking over at my blog, Cards on Cards. I'm totally sick of this set right now, so let's just take a look at some pictures.

151 - Derek Parks

63 - Chuck Carr Cyberstats (The one-per-pack parallel done up in some new-fangled technology called Spectra Light which replaced ToppsGold. The stats on the back of these particular card provided some full season stat estimates had the 1994 strike never happened. Oh, it happened.)

52 - Mark Thompson Star Track

366 - Jeromy Burnitz

77 - Tim Raines (Lots of goofy skyward poses in this set.)

218 - Dave Hansen

363 - Mark Farris Draft Pick

16 - Ron Darling (I forgot he pitched for anyone besides the Mets.)

57 - Rey Sanchez
364 - Bob Welch

133 - Mike Hampton

220 - Cecil Fielder

12 - Gary DiSarcina (I believe this is the only Topps set that was sponsored by some outside company. In this case, it's a car company. Very strange. I'm guessing the budget was tight after the strike.)

120 - Len Dykstra

260 - Andy Van Slyke


Laurens said...

Anonymous said...

1995 topps might be my favorite topps base set design of all time. Definitely the one topps set from after I was born that I'd seriously consider collecting.

SpastikMooss said...

Couldn't agree more lonestarr...of course, this coming from the guy who does collect the set haha.