Tuesday, August 03, 2010

1998 Pacific Online

Here's a pack from the big Giveaway, and it was one I was looking forward to immensely. Pacific apparently tried to get in on the Dot-com craze with this product, which is pretty amusing considering that Pacific always struck me as the least technologically advanced of all of the card companies. And, I believe, they were the first casualty, much like the Dot-com bust.

84 - Joe Carter Gold Foil Web Card (Right off the bat, you can see how truly hideous this design is. This is the promised one-per-pack parallel where the only noticeable difference is the gold foil replacing silver on the front of the card.)

The back of the gold foil card has a "unique code" as well. I honestly had no idea that Joe Carter played for the Orioles.

505 - Derek Jeter (Interesting card of Jeter, whose face you can't even see. There's a nice ad at the top of each card. Go ahead and type in that URL. I dare you.)

570 - Desi Relaford (There were at least 750 cards in this set. 750!)

532 - Jimmy Haynes

484 - Dave Mlicki

340 - Shane Halter (The always thrilling "squaring up to bunt" shot. This is something that's usually reserved for pitchers.)

242 - Greg Colbrunn

191 - Lenny Harris

95 - Mike Mussina


John said...

While this set was a prelude to the future - it has a too funky design - On Line insignia is just 2 Big

Community Gum said...

These are no more or less awesome than ToppsTown code cards.

Community Gum said...
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Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

I need a number of Orioles from this set since it included many guys who never had another O's card. Unfortunately Carter & Mussina aren't among those, but thanks for sharing these strange cards!

zman40 said...

Nice pack! I have two cards from this set, but I just assumed that they were some online redemption cards.