Thursday, May 26, 2011

1988 Pacific Eight Men Out

I'm treading into very dangerous territory here as I'm going to attempt to write about cards based on a movie that I never watched based on a true story that I don't really know very well. This was one of the big lot of packs that you see on the banner on this very website.

98 - Shano Collins (Played in the majors for 16 years and managed the Red Sox for 2.)

87 - Jimmy Ring (Was once traded along with Greasy Neale for Eppa Rixey. Yes, those are real people.)

6 - Eddie Cicotto 29-7 in 1919 (As portrayed by David Strathairn, who also appeared in A League of Their Own.)

4 - 1919 Chicago White Sox

63 - Buck played his best (Unmistakably John Cusack)

31 - "Shoeless" Joe working on his batting eye (As portrayed by D.B. Sweeney.)

23 - "Kid Gleason" (As portrayed by Frasier's dad.)

26 - Charles "Swede" Risberg (As portrayed by Don Patrick Harvey, who once appeared in a little film called She Hate Me.)

28 - Abe Attell + Arnold Rothstein (More actors.)

100 - Ray Schalk (Real guy. Nickname was "Cracker". Probably ate nails and shards of glass for breakfast.)


Community Gum said...

This movie manages to turn two fascinating things (old timey baseball + conspiracy theories) into a terribly boring movie. In fact, Dead Man is the only John Sayles movie I can even sit through. Ugh.

But I would rather watch this movie 10 more times than watch She Hate Me again. Thanks for putting it in perspective! -Andy

Todd Uncommon said...

I still have never finished this movie.

Ken Burns' Baseball I love, but if I'm even a little bit tired, the seven hundredth rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner or Take Me Out to the Ballgame knocks me out harder than an Ambien.

Eight Men Out is a damn near guaranteed coma in comparison. I think they used it in 'Inception' to get to the fifth dream layer.

One thing that makes me laugh about this pack is the "Limited Edition" starburst on the wrapper. Limited to what? Twelvety Faptillion cards?