Monday, May 16, 2011

1992 Topps Stadium Club Series 3

1992 Topps Stadium Club was the second year of the Stadium Club brand and not much changed between '91 and '92.  Full bleed photos, high gloss card stock, and the cards are either great or super boring.  Series 3 served as an update set with new rookies and traded players possibly getting their second card in the set.  The best card I'm looking for in this series is an insert card of Chipper Jones.  Let's see what we've got!

First card and it's a Bip!  This pack is a winner already!

#645 Bip Roberts
Next we've got a Member's Choice George Brett.  The Member's Choice designation wasn't an insert set, instead cards #591-610 have Member's Choice stamped at the bottom of the card.

#609 Member's Choice
A Reggie Sanders rookie card...on the back of each card they have a statistical breakdown of the player's 1991 season performance.  On the rookie cards they have this message that says "INSUFFICIENT MAJOR LEAGUE DATA AVAILABLE FOR AN ACCURATE ANALYSIS OF BATTING STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES."

#865 Reggie Sanders
This is one of the first Sammy as a Cub may remember that Sammy was traded from the White Sox to the Cubs for George Bell.

#628 Sammy Sosa
Item #1,785,009 that Topps should do is bring back The Club!  You could charge me $20 and I would join.

And here's the rest of the cards that don't quite deserve individual write ups...there's some pretty boring stuff there...those two Padres cards were clearly taken from the exact same position a few minutes apart.

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I loved collecting this set.