Sunday, May 08, 2011

1990 Topps Yearbook Stickers

This pack was part of a $10 repackage I made a little video for a while a go...I was surprised to see that no one had opened these on the blog before and so let's rip some wax for real...

For those who don't remember or were possibly not even born in 1990 [shock, horror] these packs have a corresponding yearbook that you can paste your stickers into.  The cool think about the 1990 set was that the reverse side was a separate card.  But it always bugged me that the reverse side was of a different player.  It only seemed right that a Ryne Sandberg sticker would have a reverse Ryne Sandberg you can see, instead I got Bret Saberhagen. 

Who knows where my yearbook is for this set...probably still sitting at my parent's I'm not actually going to stick my stickers anywhere other than in a penny sleeve.  But this brings me to another problem as my collection is mainly divided by player and so now I've got two possibility to where the card would go into my collection.  Tough choices need to be made, let's get down to it!

First card...we've got Ryne Sandberg sticker vs. Bret Saberhagen card.

Sticker #46 Ryne Sandberg
Card #59 Bret Saberhagen

I've got player collections of both but Bret [and your one "t" first name] this Matt [with two "t"s] is choosing Ryno all the way...actually this card is heading out to a Cubs fan that I owe about a million dollars of book value to.

Second card...we've got got a Steve Sax sticker vs. Rock Raines card.

Sticker #310 Steve Sax
Card #18 Rock Raines
My feelings about "Rock Raines" can best be expressed by a post over on Night Owl's is a bloodbath, Rock Raines wins.

Third card...Bo Jackson sticker vs. Nolan Ryan card.

Sticker #264 Bo Jackson
Card #58 Nolan Ryan

This one is probably the toughest to in case of tie we have to consult the collection and she what I've already got.  Upon further review, I already have the Nolan Ryan card [with not attached Bo Jackson sticker...hmmm...I wonder where that went too] and so the sticker wins again.

Fourth card...Dave Stewart super shiny silver stickers vs. Greg Swindell card.

Sticker #164 Dave Stewart
Card #63 Greg Swindell

Super shiny always gets my vote.  This one is no contest.

Fifth card...A Jack Morris/Bill Landrum sticker vs. a Terry Steinbach card.

Sticker #128 Bill Landrum
Sticker #276 Jack Morris
Card #56 Terry Steinbach
A half sticker of Jack Morris in the hand is worth more than a full Terry Steinbach in the bush.

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Treesplease23 said...

Cool. Good choice on the Jack Morris eh? I just got the unopened set and also a 48 pack ct box lol. For $20. Should keep my kids busyfor awhile.