Sunday, May 01, 2011

2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Retail

I usually start with the wrapper on my posts but this first card is too good to bury deeper in the post...There is just something great about pulling a Sandy Koufax base card in a new pack...

#66 Sandy Koufax

Now that I've got Mr. Koufax out of the way, we can start our regularly scheduled post...Here's the receive six cards for $2.99 retail price.  Of those six cards you typically get four standard base cards of the 350-card set, one insert, and one mini.

Desmond is apparently the Rays best prospect and
#191 Desmond Jennings [RC]

Who doesn't love a little soft focus in their baseball card?

#254 Brandon Phillips

And my mini is actually a short-printed mini:

#341 Ryjer Morgan Mini

I was pretty surprised to also see that these packs at dummy cards inserted to circumvent  the pack searcher scourge.

Another base card:

#215 Trevor Cahill
I would say I'm a fan of a "busy design" on a card and this one from The Great Ones insert set  does it just about right.

 #GO11 Johnny Mize


flywheels said...

What store did you find these at?

Matt Flaten said...

Found at Target.

The Baseball Card Snob said...

I contemplated this set, until I heard there were shortprints = fail.