Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2003 Fleer Splendid Splinters Baseball (Hobby)

Since I'm a semi-regular contributor to this blog, it's only right that I use my not-so recent group break to pad the listings on here. What good is it to open a pack without contributing to the cause? So, I'm going to be featuring one pack from each of the seven boxes I opened for the group break. In each case, this will be the first pack seen on video. That means, if you've already watched months ago, then you know what's coming.

Premiere Edition! I don't think there was a second. This set is all about the lumber. Not only do you get a couple wood chips from bats embedded in cards, but you also get a couple cards printed on actual wood. I happened to get the man pictured here. Seemed to be everywhere in this break.

#66 - Phil Nevin - Phil never fully lived up to his potential, but he put in a solid year off the bench for the Cubs, so I like him. He even hit a walk-off hit in extras in one of the games I went to that year. We don't really have a good power bench guy like that this year.

#20 - Junior Spivey - Nice picture here, even if Cedeno does look like he's on a water slide. 2 pictures, no bats in hand so far. No floating Ted Williams heads, either.

#2 of 15 KG - Barry Bonds - This would be a much better insert if it didn't have all that unused territory on the left side there. It would also be cool if they put Barry on a sandlot type field since there are no knotholes in major league parks.

#56 - Hideo Nomo - A pitcher? What the hell he is doing here? I guess he could splinter some bats. Fine I talked myself out my anger. Still not thrilled about it.

#86 - Rich Aurilia - The card backs when for some Stadium Club/90's Bowman crazy split stats stuff. Or should I say Splintered stats. The stuff really only managers and higher should be concerning themselves with since they really don't matter too much to average schlubs like us.

It's a nice set overall, but very small. I wish they would have loaded up the wood a bit more. Corked some bats and let this set fly. Maybe in the second edition. Oh, wait.

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