Friday, May 06, 2011

More Thor

Thor opens today and I'm going out of my way to avoid the reviews...just in case it turns out to be Hulk...or even The Incredible Hulk.  I'm planning on seeing it tomorrow night and I hope for the best.

This is the best single pack I've opened of these cards so my first card we have Chris Hemsworth as Thor...Chris is Australian which seems a bit sacrilegious given Thor's Norwegian roots.

#71 Chris Hemsworth as Thor

I'm not really sure what his card means...why couldn't I have pulled a Natalie Portman card?

#20 The Warriors Three
This is by far my favorite card I've pulled from my packs...

#37 Thor's Hammer

Upper Deck did an insert set of notable Thor covers...much like the Hulk covers insert set I've been trying to complete.

#T10 Thor Cover Vol. 2 #85

And last but not least we have the Andy Pafko of the set...card #1 which is the movie poster.

#1 Movie Poster

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Paul Hadsall said...

I'm not crazy about the base card design; the border wastes too much space at the bottom without really contributing anything.

I thought the movie was pretty good, if not quite great.