Friday, May 27, 2011

2005 Fleer Showcase Baseball (Hobby)

Since I'm a semi-regular contributor to this blog, it's only right that I use my not-so recent group break to pad the listings on here. What good is it to open a pack without contributing to the cause? So, I'm going to be featuring one pack from each of the seven boxes I opened for the group break. In each case, this will be the first pack seen on video. That means, if you've already watched months ago, then you know what's coming.

This is the last one.

We come to the end of the line. I've milked this break for all it could ever possibly be worth. Only 5 more cards and you'll be free until next time. Just wait. The non-sports stuff will be coming next! There were 3 autos, 1 patch and 1 jersey relic in this box. Will this pack contain any of them?

#37 - Willy Mo Pena - What little experience I've had with Showcase has always been very very shiny. These cards are not very very shiny. They do have a very very big jersey number on them, however.

#4 - Shawn Green - The dual picture works well for this set. So much better than the underutilized space of the Classic Clippings box, though I probably would have scooted the foreground picture to the left a bit here. The ear on the shoulder bothers me.

#12 of 20 MG - Jason Giambi - Measure of Greatness - I'm not a fan of this insert. The name is front and center, but not in a friendly font. You'd think there'd be some connection to measurement somewhere on here, but there's not. Just a giant logo and back to underutilized space on a horizontal card.

Dummy Card - I forgot that these used to have writing on them. No patch here.

#48 - Adrian Beltre - The backs look nice, too, despite a rehash of the front picture and one years worth of stats. As long as it's consistent with the design of the front, it's done it's job.

#32 - Miguel Tejada - See.. The dual picture doesn't always work. Miguel is reaching for a ball alright. And otro Miguel looks happy, but confused about it.

This was my favorite box out of the bunch. If I do another Fleer break, I want to include a different year of Showcase for sure. Anyway, I hope everyone that participated enjoyed what they got. I hope everyone who didn't at least enjoyed seeing some of the cards. I know I enjoyed knocking off 7 packs from the list on APTBNL!

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